Rita Ora Shows Off Her Newest Accessory

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Rob Kardashian’s ex Rita Ora showed off the newest addition to her bling bling collection while in a meeting on Wednesday.

Wearing a snap back and shades, Ora Instagramed a picture revealing her shiny new grill along with a huge grin and the caption, “House of Holland mixed with a smile and Shiny teeth! #cheeeeeese #inameeting #bored #obsessedwithmyteeth.”

Rita Grill

She’s not the only celebrity who’s rocked the latest Hollywood trend. Rihanna, Miley Cyrus, and Katy Perry are just a few others who love to accessorize their famous smiles.

The British singer has been quite the fashionista lately. She was spotted wearing a lace mask yesterday at Paris Fashion Week where she partied with her bestie Cara Delevingne. Ora also had a run-in with her ex’s famous sister and new-mom, Kim Kardashian, while at the Mademoiselle C Party last night following the premiere of of the fashion movie.

We wonder if Kim approved of Ora’s grill, seeing that she’s no stranger to the trend herself.

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