Redman And Method Man Get High On First Ever 24-Karat Gold Blunt

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Method Man and Redman have taken smoking to new heights.

On Friday morning, Redman posted a photo of himself and buddy Method Man smoking a 24-karat gold blunt. “Red and Mef 24 carat gold blunt !! Smokable … We do this,” the rapper wrote on the social media website.

Redman and Method Man 1

In another photo, the rapper shows the blunt nicely placed on his leg as if a spotlight was shining right down on it. “The 1st 24 carat smokable gold blunt…. In Calgary Canada,” Redman wrote.

Redman and Method Man 2

On Saturday night, the rappers are set to perform at The Odeon Event Centre in Saskatoon, Canada.

And just for old times’ sake, let’s take a look back at Redman and Method Man in a clip from their classic stoner flick, How High.

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