Kanye West Discusses Bringing Jesus On Stage + What Kim Kardashian Had To Say

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Kanye West kicked off his highly anticipated Yeezus Tour on Saturday night at Seattle’s Key Arena, but shocked fans when he brought out a Jesus impersonator on stage before his performance of, “Jesus Walks.”


Fans quickly criticized the rapper for the skit, but in an interview with Wild 94’s The JV Show in San Francisco, just hours before proposing to girlfriend, Kim Kardashian, the rapper defended his performance.

“One of the things that I wanted to really get across with that message is that you can have a relationship with Jesus,” he said. “You can talk to Jesus. In the same way how somebody would have ‘Jesus is my homeboy,’ that is the way I would express it,” the rapper added.

And according to Kanye, his boo Kim even questioned the on stage controversy. “My girl even asked afterward, ‘Is that weird if Jesus comes onstage?’ No, we do plays all the time. People play Jesus,” the new dad explained.

During the close of Kanye’s show, “Jesus” appeared and began to perform a small skit with the rapper. “I didn’t come here to make bad people feel good. I came here to make dead people alive. To show people the light. That’s what I need from you, to show people the light.,” Jesus said before walking to an indoor mountain.

Check out the interview and the clip below:

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