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John Legend, T.I., Others React To #GovernmentShutdown



On Monday night, the US government officially shut down after the House and Senate failed to agree on a bill that would fund the federal government. Celebrities are taking to Twitter to vent their frustrations with Washington’s legislative gridlock.

  • “I leave the country for a couple weeks and all hell breaks loose. I’m coming back Saturday, America. I hope there’s air traffic control,” John Legend wrote on Twitter. The singer later added, “F the shutdown. The Health Insurance Marketplace is now open in every state. Don’t wait another day to #GetCovered.”
  • “This govt shutdown is a sad and shameful mess,” Solange Knowles expressed on social media.
  • Estelle also took to Twitter to express her thoughts, writing, “Wonder if folks will still take the repubs serious… #governmentshutdown … Smh.”
  • “Shouldn’t the government shutdown include SHUTTING down the paychecks going to these baboons in Congress? Wouldn’t that help them DECIDE,” Claudia Jordan also wrote.
  • “1 Time 4 #MYPRESIDENT da 1st pres to ever create affordable healthcare for everyone! #OBAMACARE,” rapper T.I wrote on Twitter.
  • Rosie Perez took to her Twitter account, writing, “Dag. Even the pandas are feeling the #govtshutdown.”
  • And funnyman Will Ferrell even joked on Twitter, posting, “What do you mean the #governmentshutdown doesn’t automatically trigger the Hunger Games? Isn’t that in the constitution somewhere?”

The shutdown has left 800,000 employees without a job until the matter is resolved.


Why Tyler Perry Says He’s A “James Evans” Kind Of Dad



The “Boo” is back!

In Boo 2: A Madea Halloween, Tyler Perry’s character Brian is a bit of a dorky dad … but in real life, Perry says he lays down the law when it comes to his own son, 3 1/2 year-old Aman.

HH caught up with Tyler during the press rounds for Boo 2 and the multi-facted mogul gave us some insight on how and why he would be quick to transform into a James Evans (from Good Times) kind of dad.

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