Exclusive: Terry Crews Says Wesley Snipes Is Back!

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For the last three years Wesley Snipes was incarcerated for his issues with Uncle Sam. But now, he’s out, starring in the upcoming action flick The Expendables 3 and his co-star, Terry Crews, claims the actor “is back!”

If you’ve missed Wesley during his time away, don’t worry, it looks like he might be ready to make up for lost time. Upon hearing that Wesley was set to join the successful Expendables franchise, many wondered if Nino Brown still had it. Well, wonder no more.

“He’s got a lot, lot left”, Crews exclaimed during the junket for Cloudy With A CHance Of Meatballs 2, “I think we’ve just begun to see the beginning of the resurgence of Wesley Snipes.”

Are you excited for the return of Wesley?

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