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Rich Dollaz Addresses Authenticity Of Leaked Penis Pic



Love & Hip-Hop New York’s Rich Dollaz is denying that a nude image leaked online is of him. A gossip website posted the image on Friday morning, claiming it was sent to them by a reader.

“Reality star Rich Dollaz is being put ON BLAST by a Twitter model named Perfectly Imperfect. According to her, someone claiming to be Rich sent her D*CK PICS … and the D*CK had all kinds of bumps on it,” the website wrote.

The image was allegedly sent to the woman using the cellphone app, Kik, but Rich says he didn’t send anyone any pictures. The reality TV star hopped on Twitter Friday morning to refute the authenticity of the selfie, making it clear they didn’t come from his account.

“Um, @richdollaz twit @richiedollaz IG. Only social media pages I have. Anything else is fraud, but hey guess it’s that time of year. “

Not the strongest denial, so who do you believe? Perfectly Imperfect or Rich Dollaz?

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