Miley Cyrus Is “In The Club, High Off Purp”

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Miley Cyrus is really trying to be ’bout that life!

The former Disney star has done a complete 180 of her squeaky clean image and is now all about twerking, Mollies and shock value. If that ratchet MTV VMAs performance wasn’t enough, Cyrus is proving she’s down for whatever in Mike Will Made-It’s new song “23”.

“I’m in the club, high off purp, with some shades on/tatted up, in a skirt, with my J’s on”, the wanna be twerker raps.

“23” is from Mike’s upcoming Interscope debut and also features Wiz Khalifa and Juicy J. We showed you a preview of the song last week, but check out the full version below. What do you think?

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