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Khloe Kardashian Setting Standards High For “Ride Or Die Chicks”



Despite having a husband that’s missing in action, Khloe Kardashian is proving that she’s the epitome of what’s commonly referred to as a “ride or die chick.”

Photographers caught up with the youngest Kardashian sister on Wednesday evening in Los Angeles where she was spotted wearing her wedding ring; the sighting comes amidst rumors that Khloe’s husband is off on a crack binge with two mystery women.




According to TMZ, Lamar Odom is in hiding at a home outside of Los Angeles where he’s abusing drugs and cheating on his wife. It’s bad news for Khloe who appears, at least publicly, to still be committed to her disintegrating marriage.

To make exacerbate Khloe’s woes, someone from Lamar’s camp tells TMZ that a tweet from baller’s Twitter account this week praising Khloe and her family wasn’t really written by Lamar.

And while Khloe did drop Odom from her last name on Instagram, she is reportedly planning on reuniting with Lamar to celebrate their wedding anniversary tomorrow. Oddly enough, it’s the same day Lamar is scheduled to be arraigned in connection with an August DUI charge.

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Why Tyler Perry Says He’s A ‘James Evans’ Kind Of Dad



The “Boo” is back!

In Boo 2 A Madea Halloween, Tyler Perry’s character Brian is a bit of a dorky dad … but in real life, Perry says he lays down the law when it comes to his own son, 3 1/2 year old Aman.

HH caught up with Tyler during the press rounds for Boo 2 and the multi-facted mogul gave us some insight on how and why he would be quick to transform into a James Evans (from “Good Times”) kind of dad.

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