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Kanye West: “I’m Not A Real Rapper”



Crazy. We were debating if Kanye was a genius or just crazy, and it’s definitely just crazy. Part three of the rapper’s interview with BBC premiered on Wednesday evening and boy is it a colorful 17-minutes. The rapper speaks candidly about his place in the world of fashion, his relationship with Jay Z, his fans and why clothes are more important than music.

Below are some of our favorite quotes from Ye’s interview.

  • On His Fans “Go listen to all my music. It’s the codes of self-esteem. It’s the codes of who you are. If you’re a Kanye West fan, you’re not fan of me, you’re a fan of yourself. You will believe in yourself. I’m just the espresso. I’m just the shot in the morning to get you going.”
  • On Family “It’s what Kim gave me. She gave me everything. She gave me family. She gave me a support system. She was in a powerful situation where she could love me without asking me for money, which was really hard for me to find.”
  • On Collaborating With Jay Z On Watch the Throne “What I’m saying is, it’s about whatever I want to make it about. It’s my world.”
  • On Jay Being More Chill Than Him “Jay is more realized than me. Meaning more of his dreams and hopes and aspirations has come true. And hopefully, God willing, by the time I’m his age that thing will happen for me also. And I’ll be in that place of a more zen’d out place.”
  • On Contributing To The World “I’ve got so much that I want to give. I’ve got ideas on color palettes. I’ve got ideas on silhouettes. And I’ve got a million people telling me why I can’t do it; that I’m not a real designer. I’m not a real rapper either. I’m not a real musician either. I don’t know to play the piano.”
  • On His Love Of Fashion “I’ve dedicated the past 10 years of my life to this. I’ve spent 80-percent of my time working on this and 20-percent of my time working on music. Why do you think the song “Niggas in Paris” is called “Niggas in Paris”? Cause niggas was in Paris.”
  • On The Importance Of Fashion “It’s illegal to be naked. It’s not illegal to not listen to music. That is a very high opinion to have. That is something that is extremely important: shoes. You put on shoes everyday. You walking down the street with no shoes, somebody might think something is wrong with you.”

Check back later today for part three of the series.

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Reports: Chante Moore Accused Of Financing New Album With Stolen Money



Looks like Chante Moore has got some explaining to do!

The “Chante’s Got A Man” singer is being looped in a messy fraud and racketeering case that essentially led to two men claiming they were defrauded out of $3.6 million.

According to reports, the former “R&B Divas: LA” star knowingly accepted money that was fraudulently obtained by a criminal enterprise and using it to produce her latest album and artificially inflate her sales.

The two men are have filed a lawsuit and claim the defendants used some of their money to buy Moore plane tickets for her musical tour, lavish her with gifts, fund the production of and marketing campaign for her seventh album, “The Rise of the Phoenix,” and even to “pay off her significant personal debt.”

They also claim their money was used to open a hair bar in Georgia, and buy a house.

The plaintiffs say Moore knew the money was obtained illegally and the investments made into her career “were designed in whole or in part to conceal or disguise the nature, the location, the source, the ownership, and the control of the proceeds” of the alleged illegal activity.

It gets even messier though. The two men also claim the money was used to “artificially enhance” her album sales through iTunes purchases. Since they believe their money was used to “directly used to finance the launching of Moore’s latest resurgence effort with her new album, including all advertising and marketing efforts put forth therewith,” they believe they are entitled to any profits from the record.

If you’re wondering what Moore has to say about the situation, she is denying the allegations and wants the case thrown out.

Back in July we caught up with Moore who gushed about her new album and not feeling pressure to stay relevant in the changing music climate.

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