K. Michelle Laughs Off IRS Reports: What Tax Bill?

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K. Michelle is taking to Twitter to address reports that she owes Uncle Sam nearly $50k in tax money. According to TMZ, Uncle Sam has filed a $52,415.09 tax lien against K., claiming she didn’t fork over $47,710.46 in 2008 and $4,704.63 in 2009.

That’s not news to the reality TV star who says that she’s already paid her tax bill.

“Damn, Uncle Sam. Why you wanna stick me for my paper???? Lol. Nice try bloggers. It’s already been settled. Strippers need tax breaks too,” Michelle tweeted early Tuesday morning.

“Another day another headline. No jail time for me yet. Your stuck with me,” she later added.

That’s good news for reality TV fans because we’re not sure what Love & Hip-Hop Atlanta would be without the feisty diva.

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