Exclusive: Tank Wages War Against Singing Rappers Drake & Big Sean

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TGT singer Tank isn’t feeling the new trend of rappers singing their own hooks; especially when those rappers don’t sound so good.

The TGT singer told us on the carpet for Baggage Claim that while Kanye West may have had a point when he called rappers the new R&B singers in a recent interview with BBC Radio 1, it still doesn’t make them r&b singers.

“A mainstream radio station is more apt to play a rapper singing badly than a singer singing great,” explains Tank with a smile. “So, right now it’s a competition. It’s a competition between the r&b singers and the rap r&b singers, and I’m waging war on anybody singing that calls themselves a rapper … Drake, Big Sean all them guys.”

But, Tank, who seems to be joking, goes on to give Drake props saying he does have “melodies”.

Check it out below!

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