Uh Oh! Tiger Woods $80 Million Mansion Is Sinking

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It looks like a case of “Mo Money Mo Problems” for Tiger Woods. The athlete’s’ $80 million Jupiter Island mansion is currently undergoing repairs for a massive hole found under the dining room.

The golfer noticed sagging in the floor of the room and once contractors pulled up the floorboards, they discovered a much larger problem. According to reports, the home may be sinking because pilings may not have been correctly placed or are missing.

The 12-acre property was built from the ground up for Woods over a period of five years. It includes its own state of the art 5,700 square foot indoor fitness center, meditation spaces, 4 hole mini golf course, custom running track, lap pool and full size pool, and multiple boat docks for his two diving boats and his 155 foot yacht, ‘Privacy.’

The private compound has been likened to a mini Olympic Village.


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