Jay-Z Director Denies Jemima Kirke Groupie Rumors

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The director of Jay-Z’s “Picasso Baby” music video is coming to the defense of Girls actress Jemima Kirke. According to a rumor making the rounds online Wednesday, Jemima was kicked off the set of Hov’s video because she was acting “nuts.”

A source tells The New York Daily News the actress kept “jumping on his back like a little monkey.” “Someone was screaming ‘Get her off of him!’” the source added. Kirke was allegedly taken away by security, kicking and screaming, “Let us finish!”

Director Mark Romanek, who filmed the video inside a New York museum over the course of six hours, says the rumors are “bullish*t.”

“I hope she doesn’t mind me saying so, but these absurd rumors about Jemima Kirke’s behavior at the PICASSO BABY shoot are utter bullshit.”

The director also recently denied rumors that Jay lip synched his performance.

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