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Female Rapper LIV Claims Jay Z Is A Cheating Dog



A female rapper by the name of LIV is making some rather damning allegations regarding Jay Z. The former FORD model claims that Hov tried to recruit her as a sidepiece while he was married to Beyonce. LIV made the accusations during a radio interview.

“For the most part, Jay hit me on some, ‘I’ll reach you when I’m in town.’ He wanted me to be his girl when he was in town .. for me, I’m not that chick,” the aspiring artist said. “I have a lot of respect for Beyonce, as an artist, as a woman, as a wife,” she continued.

LIV also rapped about meeting the rap mogul, and detailed how he allegedly used his security to get her numbers:

“I could have messed with Jay, but got respect for Bey, We were on the same set of a commercial, see, I was sitting by myself, and he sat next to me, I was handling it well, and he was shocked to see, I was getting up to leave, he sent his guards to me, Excuse me Miss, do me a favor, put your number on this piece of paper, When Jay get settled and he’ll call you later, I know most chicks would have took the bait, but then those chicks be the ones I hate, I wonder to this day if I’d have gave it up would it be me on stage THROWING IT UP … THROWING IT UP!!”

You watch LIV’s interview below, but as Jay would say, “We don’t believe you, you need more people.”

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  1. S_C fan

    August 7, 2013 at 3:32 PM

    First of, Miss LIV, you are very beautiful girl, and courageous to lay down this accusation against someone who might be willing to help your music career, unless you are willing to deny the fact that you dont want to ride into stardom, hitting with you the headline, because this seems like political recognition ground, its no legitimate reason that Shawn wanted you in his bed, you just want people to notice you, which i think you have achieved half way.
    Why Shawn? I am very sure, you have been working as a model/artist, and meeting artist more than at least 2yrs, and for you to be able to be on a set where someone like Shawn is, means you might have been in this position with some other artist as well, which I can tell you that some of them might have asked for your number, so does that mean they wanted you in their bed? , and by the way why didnt we hear about them.? Im guessing there fame isnt well enough for you to feed on or establish a symbiotic relationship with . So you saying that Shawn wanted you for bedded purpose, which you didnt HAVE any prove of, but just your thought, reveals your plot.
    If you are want to be a star, believe in yourself, and you will be there, you just cant go around and try to destroy a man’s life, with a happy family with baseless talks like this.

    A Prominent Jayz Fan.

    • CJ

      August 20, 2013 at 9:23 PM

      Well…i believe this girl. She don’t need proof. Jay Z may not have hit on LIV recently, but I do believe that it could’ve happened while their marriage was ‘new’. Do I think he has women in all four corners of the world? No. Do I think he’s cheating on Beyonce now? No, but I do think he’s did ‘something’. I like that this girl also says that she has respect for Beyonce as a wife and mother. Kudos to this girl for NOT taking the bait, i suppose. I’m a PROMINENT JAY Z FAN, too (whatever the fu*k that means, by the way)…but I think he’s been tempted…Hell, he’s not God. He’s just a man.

  2. hawksgirl

    August 10, 2013 at 9:51 PM

    Do you really think men with that kind of money only s—w one woman. I don’t care if it is beyonce. She does not have a patent on p—y. And he probably did because like most rich people, they feel they can do what they want and get away with it. And usually do. He is no different. Overrated. Him & his wife.

  3. Deena Jones

    September 4, 2013 at 12:12 AM

    She don’t need proof of nothing . Jay-z is known to FCK that hoe name ” Super Head “, foxy brown, Amil, Lil Kim, Mya and many more during his pimping days in the music industry. Beyonce knew damn well this man couldn’t be trusted, but since she her self wanted to used Jay-z’s fame as a rapper during her first solo project, that’s how she opens up her leg and stole him from than girl friend ” Camil ” who is a female rapper herself. What goes around comes around . Beyonce is fake anyways. Mathew’s action is on its way into beyonce’s own personal life. DAMN ! ( Mathew cheated on Tina ) Beyonce has a song on her first album – Dangerously In Love entitle ” DADDY “; listen to it and piece the puzzle for your selves people .

  4. Deena Jones

    September 4, 2013 at 12:17 AM

    I know that beyonce’s Marriage won’t last…… beyonce is stupid enough for marrying an older man like jay-z. ( old pimp)

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