Did Brandy Perform Inside An Empty Stadium?

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According to a report, R&B singer Brandy just doesn’t pack the house in South Africa like she used to.

The “Boy is Mine” singer performed last weekend at a stadium that seats 90,000 people, but unfortunately for her, only 40 people were there to witness her show. The lack of concert attendees isn’t really Brandy’s fault because she was a surprise performer at Mandela Sport and Culture Day. Since many attendees didn’t know Brandy was slated perform, they left prematurely.

South African singer Kabomo watched the embarrassing moment go down and tweeted about it:

“@SizweDhlomo Brandy performed to an empty stadium. With the stadium lights on. She sulked after two songs and walked off.”

To make matters worse, a TV station in South Africa also streaming the event ended their broadcast early.

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