Watch: Beyonce’s Hair Gets ‘Snatched Up’ In Fan On Stage

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Beyonce had quite a scare during her show in Montreal on Monday night.

While singing “Halo,” the pop diva’s hair got caught in a fan on stage. While most people would have freaked out, Queen Bey kept it professional and continued to sing as crew members untangled her locks from the fan.

After the show, the “Halo” singer took to Instagram to share with fans what happened in a funny hand written note. “Gravity can’t begiiiiin to pull me out of the fan again. I felt my hair was yankiiiin from the fan that’s always hatiiiiin. Virgin remy and Malaysiiiiiaaaaaan. Haaaaaa, I got snatched “2 snaps.” Goodnight,” the 31-year-old posted.

Beyonce note

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