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Exclusive: Snoop Dogg, Chris Brown & More React To George Zimmerman Verdict



While rioting and protests broke out in South Los Angeles Monday night in the wake of George Zimmerman’s not guilty verdict, some of the world’s biggest athletes and entertainers expressed their thoughts and frustrations at the 8th Annual All Star Celebrity Kick Off Party at the Playboy Mansion.

Snoop Dogg, who has two young sons, told HipHollywood that the shooting of Trayvon Martin hit close to home, and he’s disappointed that Zimmerman wasn’t held responsible.

“Something should have been done, manslaughter, something,” expressed Snoop. “To get off and then give him his gun back  … wow.”

Others, like soccer star Cobi Jones and former NFL player turned reality star, Hank Baskett offered their condolences to the Martin family, and hoped protests could remain peaceful.

“I hope things stay peaceful,” said Baskett . “You can do more positive by protesting in the right way , when you want to bring violence and anger into it can only make things worse.”

Added Jones, “It’s a tragic situation, I just send my sympathies out to the Martin family.”

And also in attendance were Trayvon Martin supporters Jamie Foxx and Chris Brown, who our cameras caught as he was making his way inside. Check out all of the reactions below!

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Watch: Halle Berry Issues Whiskey Challenge During ‘Kingsman’ Interview



Halle Berry proved she could hang with the fellas when she downed a glass of whiskey at Comic Con alongside her Kingsman: The Golden Circle co-stars. But don’t expect her to do that again.

“No more, no more,” she said after hilariously bolting from the room when we asked her if she’d drink another glass. “I will never [do it again], and no one lets me live down the fact that I did it either.”

According to Berry she was ill for three days after, but that didn’t stop her and Pedro Pascal from daring me to throw back a glass right before our interview.

Not one to turn down a challenge, I did it, and received a round of applause and high fives before preceding to discuss the duo’s roles and why they decided to join the cast of Kingsman.

“Matthew Vaughn’s version of these movies always interested me” explained Berry who is no stranger to spy flicks after starring in the James Bond film Die Another Day. “I was apart of the Bond series and I feel like this is similar but it’s also for the new generation.”

She continued, “Some of the elements are the same but I call it spy thriller 2.0, he takes it to the next level that no one else does right now.”

In the film Berry, Pascal, Jeff Bridges and Channing Tatum play members of the Statesmen – a U.S. Spy agency operating out of a Kentucky Bourbon distillery. Pascal told us he gained a newfound appreciation for men in suits, but still prefers his jeans.

“I play agent whiskey. I’m a southern gentlemen so I’m a little more buttoned up … I’m like the stateside version of those square pegs from across the pond,” he joked.

Kingsman: The Golden Circle hits theaters September 22.

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