Kim Kardashian Posts Home Video Of Paparazzi Tresspassing

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Kim Kardashian has been rather quiet since giving birth to her daughter North West, but the new mom spoke up when she realized a paparazzo had snuck into the families gated community.

In a Keek video posted by Kim, the reality TV beauty is filming inside Kris and Bruce Jenner’s Calabasas home, claiming that a photographer had trespassed into the community. “There is a paparazzi that snuck into our gated community,” Kim said in the video.

Kim then tells somebody named Julian to take her phone to capture the trespasser, and that’s when you see a barefoot Kris Jenner dash outside to spot the photographer, but unfortunately, didn’t see anybody.

According to a Tweet posted by Kim, the cops were called. “Trespassing #GatedCommunityBreakIn #Dangerous #CopsCalled #Wow,” the 32-year-old wrote.

We are glad the Kardashian-Jenner clan are safe.

#Trespassing #GatedCommunityBreakIn #Dangerous #CopsCalled #WOW

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