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Exclusive: Was Ron Isley Upset With Chris Tucker After Tax Joke?



One thing we learned from the BET Awards … Ron Isley has a sense of humor.

During the Awards show on Sunday night, Chris Tucker took a moment to poke fun at his own financial situation, joking that the IRS was making him do the BET Awards. “They back there right now counting my money and eating chicken,” Tucker joked. The host then went on to joke about Wesley Snipes and Ron Isley who both served jail time for tax evasion.

While some people thought the Rush Hour star’s joke was a little too personal, Isley was totally okay with it.

During a sit down interview with the “Contagious” singer to talk about his new album, set to drop on July 16, Isley exclusively told HipHollywood that he knew something was coming.

“I was cracking up over what the emcee was saying about Wesley Snipes,” the singer shared. “We had talked before that … and he (Tucker) said I got something I’m gonna say tomorrow. I didn’t know what it was, I thought that that was the funniest thing,” Ron laughed.

Check out the video below:


Legendary AF! Why These HH Moments Make Morgan Freeman The GOAT



You can’t deny, Morgan Freeman is legendary AF!

At 24th Annual Screen Actors Guild Awards Morgan Freeman was honored with the Lifetime Achieve award, and rightly so.

Freeman’s decades-long career includes over a hundred acting credits and an innumerable amount of memorable moments. And speaking of memorable moments, HH has had the opportunity to speak to him several times and each time if full of quotes and saying that stay with us long after the interview is over.

Here our top 3 favorite Morgan Freeman HH moments…

1) That time Freeman told us he feared technology because “we could blow ourselves up!”

2) When he gushed about fellow actor, Tom Cruise.

3) When pleaded his case for why lemurs had more of a right to be on earth than humans…

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