Snoop Surprises Fans with Pop-Up Concert

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Snoop Lion recently surprised gamers attending the E3 Convention in Los Angeles with a pop-up concert to celebrate the upcoming animated film Turbo.

Snoop voices the character Smoove Move in the film and also has a song, ” Let the Bass Go” on the soundtrack.
Snoop performed the track, along with a few of his other classic songs for fans, and also hosted a party with his co-stars Michelle Rodriguez and Michael Pena.

“It’s awesome  man to be able to come to your hometown and promote a movie that you’re in,” said Snoop. “And do it right in front of my people in front of the Staples Center, it’s awesome.”

Turbo, which also stars Ryan Reynolds, Paul Giamatti, Maya Rudolph and Sam L. Jackson, follows a underdog snail who miraculously attains the power of super speed.

Turbo races into theaters July 17th.

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