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T.I. Compares Gun Violence To Apple Pie



The debate over gun control is a controversial issue that has rocked our nation, and now Black Hollywood is stepping out to make a change.

During the BET Experience, the League of Young Voters, the organization behind the “No Guns Allowed” initiative, and their Executive Director Dr. Rob “Biko” Baker held a panel to talk about gun violence and how it affects our society.

Snoop Lion, T.I. director Ryan Coogler, and other community thought-leaders sat on the panel and weighed in on the sensitive subject.

T.I, who served jail time back in 2009 for possession of firearms, was candid in how he feels about the controversial issue. “The country that we live in has made gun violence as American as apple pie,” T.I. explained.

“Gun violence has been here before I got here, and we tryin’ to do what we can to see to it that it will be lessened, if not banished by the time I leave,” the rapper added.

Snoop Lion, who helped inspire the “No Guns Allowed” initiative, also spoke openly about his past issues with gun violence. “I’ve been one to promote and glamorize gun violence and glamorizing the negativity of it for so long, now I’m just at a point where I’m tired of it,” the Reincarnated rapper shared.

“My power has always been to push it the wrong way, and now I’m going to push it the right way,” Snoop said.

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Check out what T.I. and Snoop had to say below:

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