Kelly Rowland Reveals What Destiny’s Child Member Was The Biggest Flirt

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Say it ain’t so.

During an exclusive interview with VH1, Kelly Rowland revealed who of her Destiny’s Child sisters were the biggest flirts. “Me,” Kelly laughed.

The interview continued with Kelly awarding superlatives to her girls Beyonce and Michelle. Funniest laugh? Beyonce. Class clown? Kelly. And when asked who was the worst driver, Kelly shared that it was a tie between herself and Beyonce.

During the interview, Kelly also dished on who has changed the most since Destiny fulfilled. “I don’t think we’ve all changed drasticaly. But Michelle, she just sprouted into this incredible being. She just even looks better … Everything about her, she’s just so fly,” the 32-year-old said.

Check out the video below:

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