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Kanye West At Governors Ball: “Assholes Deserve To Be Alone”



Kanye West put on an emotional and high intensity performance to close out this weekend’s Governors Ball Music Festival in New York. The rapper used the show as a platform to introduce the tens of thousands in the crowd to some of his new music, including “I am a god”, “Black Skinhead” and “New Slaves” off his highly anticipated Yeezus album.

It was the first time the rapper performed the tracks in front of a crowd this large, and the reception was electric. “we ain’t got no single to radio”, the rapper told the crowd. “We ain’t even got no cover”, he continued, laughing.

Ye also went through his ever-growing archive of music, knocking out songs like “All Falls Down”, “Jesus Walks”, “Can’t Tell Me Nothing”, “Cold”, “Clique” and “Flashing Lights.” It was coming out of “Runaway” that the rapper had his “emotional moment”, an event that’s becoming a staple during his shows.

Kanye used his latest open mic night to profess he was an “asshole” to the crowd. “If I said your hair look bad tonight, baby it’s because I’m an asshole,” he told the crowd, sounding more like he was offering an apology to Kim Kardashian than performing a song. “If I told you I didn’t like that dress, it’s because I’m an asshole,” he continued before declaring, “and assholes deserve to be alone.”

Whether assholes deserve to be alone or not remains to be seen, but judging by the rapper’s fandom at Governors Ball, we’re not sure he’ll be alone anytime soon unless it’s a self-induced isolation.

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