Craig David: From Scrawny To Body Builder?

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Remember that British kid with the headphones who made a name for himself with songs like “7 Days” and “Fill Me In”, well he ain’t scrawny no mo! Craig David posted a pictured of himself on Instagram showing off his toned physique, explaining that the picture keeps him motivated to stay healthy.

“I just go to this photo on my phone … under the folder ‘Stay Focused’, which reminds me instantly to get back on track, and in this case reminds me how good it feels when I achieve my goal and don’t listen to my ‘old inner weakness’ voice trying to remind me of how I used to be!” he writes.

“Trust me it works!!! All I hear inside when I see this photo is … Stop being weak and fix up … you’ve done it before, you can do it again! Booom!”

Well good for you, Craig. Now, excuse the rest of us while we find the nearest treadmill.


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