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Chrissy Teigen Fires Shots At Jennifer Lopez



Chrissy Teigen has a bone to pick with Jennifer Lopez, or rather J. Lo’s “team”. The outspoken model claims in a Twitter rant that she was kicked out a viewing area at this weekend’s Sound for Change concert in London to make room for Lopez and her entourage.

“I won’t get into it but Jennifer Lopez’ people need to calm the f–k down,” John Legend’s fiancee tweeted. “I love Jennifer Lopez, but as I am sitting and watching John perform, I don’t need her people to lay down the J-Lo laws.”

I have never once been asked to leave an area for an artist’s supreme arrival … Maybe I should carry around a horn and streamers.”

“She shall still be my face and hair idol. Her people can kick rocks,” the Sports Illustrated swimsuit model added, capping off her diatribe.

Lopez is known for her diva antics, but if a fellow celebrities is calling her out over it … it must have been really bad this weekend.

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1 Comment

1 Comment

  1. Plain Jane

    June 4, 2013 at 12:28 AM

    Who is this Pissy Seimen? She is just trying to be relevant. I was upset that Amanda even gave this unknown person a mention. Chrissy Twhatever is trying to gain fame. She has an ugly face and an ugly mom. She’s just tall and skinny. Massive pie/pan round face. John is just with her because she’s telling him that he can be with whomever he pleases as long as he keeps her his main. John never stood up for her. He actually called her a b****. If he stood up for her he would have adressed her as his fiancee. John is dumb because if he marries her. She will do him like what tiger woods “model” ex did to him. Have a fake agreement between you and your man. Tell him you’re ok with him sleeping around. Then show your face when you are sure the law will entitle you to half of his $$$$.

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