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2 Chainz Robbery Caught On Camera



Surveillance video of rapper 2 Chainz being robbed at gunpoint has been released, despite his claims that “no one took anything from me.”

Video shows several men running up on the rapper and his entourage with their guns drawn on a busy San Francisco street. Tity Boi and his crew begin running immediately and it appears that the men open fire on them.

According to Sgt. Tommer with the SFPD, 2 Chainz’ wallet and cell phone were taken during the chaos. Sgt. Tommer also tells HH that 2 Chainz was the only person to be robbed during the crime, and that his wallet had his credit cards and cash inside of it. That being said, 2 Chainz says nothing was taken, tweeting:

“Nobody took Anything from me. I didn’t get shot. I’m not in jail. Don’t know what else to tell ya. Sorry if I disappointed anyone, maybe next time.”

We’re not sure we’re believing that story, because if you check out the video below, it certainly appears one of the suspects is running back after chasing 2 Chainz with something under his hoodie.

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