Zoe Saldana’s Shocking Revelation

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“[I might] end up with a woman, raising my children … That’s how androgynous I am.” Zoe Saldana uttered these very words during an interview with Allure magazine that has created quite the buzz.

The Star Trek Into Darkness actress graces the cover of the magazine’s June issue, and it was during the interview that Saldana revealed that she might end up with a woman. But if you find that revelation shocking, wait until you see the pictures of the hottie inside the publication.

On the cover, Zoe looks fresh and sexy in a simple tank and a flashing a smile the lights up a room, but as soon as you flip the page, you’ll find the Avatar star practically nude. Saldana bares it all for the magazine, and she looks incredible.

Zoe is just one of several starlets that have posed nude for Allure, including Gabrielle Union, Taraji P. Henson, and Keri Hilson.


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