Singing Fan Surprises Beyonce During Concert

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Oh, that Beyonce. Always sticking her microphone in front of people’s mouth. After that whole thing with Princess Eugenie you’d think she know better, but B pulled the same stunt again on Wednesday night during her Manchester concert. Thankfully, this time B was pleasantly surprised when the person she invited to sing along with her could actually sing.

That’s because the audience member was none other than Joe McElderry, 2009’s X-Factor winner. The whole thing went down during her performance of “Love on Top,” and judging from a video recording of the incident, it doesn’t look like Beyonce know the man was a professional singer. “You sound good,” she says in shock after McElderry sings a note into the microphone.

“SO I HAVE ACTUALLY JUST SANG WITH BEYONCE!! She kept passing the mic back to me!!!!!! I can die a happy man now!!!!!!!” Joe tweeted.

Check out the video below.

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