The Big Squeeze: Kim Kardashian’s Swollen Feet Vs. High Heels

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This just isn’t a win-win for anyone involved. Both Kim Kardashian and her pair of high heels had a rough Thursday as the reality TV star squeezed her swollen feet inside the shoes. The Armenian beauty was photographed in LA rocking a fitted white dress, blazer and heels that we’re sure have seen better days.


You just know that those things are slicing into her feet … and for what possible reason? Seriously, Kim … it’s OK to rock a pair of Keds; no one is going to judge you. You’re a fashionista, respected around the world for your sense of style … it’s OK to dial it back a bit while you’re pregnant and throw on a pair of Reebox Classics.

What we don’t want to see is anymore of this. Ever. Ever. Again.


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