Kanye West Debuts “I Am A God” At Met Gala

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Kanye West unveiled some of his new music at Monday night’s Met Gala, and it appear the rapper’s ego is fully intact. Video posted online shows Yeezy performing, “I Am A God”, for an A-list crowd.

There’s an “a” in the title, so we suppose Kanye’s hoping Christians don’t call for a boycott on the grounds of blasphemy, but we’ll just have to wait and see about that.

Video of the performance appeared on Vine, but all you can really understand is Kanye muttering the words, “I Am A God”, then doing a bit of his signature screaming. Mr. West also performed his hit song, “Clique”, and a few other tracks before calling it a night. And while reviews are still out, the rapper had at least one fan at the show … his baby’s mama, Kim Kardashian.

“Baby you’re AWESOME,” she captioned the image above on her Instagram.

Check out video of the performance below.

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