Why Katy Perry Is Going To Spank Rihanna

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It looks like Katy Perry wasn’t making it rain with Rihanna this past weekend despite reports to the contrary. Earlier this week, TMZ claimed that Perry joined her BFF and King of Diamonds in strip club Miami where they tossed dollars at strippers and dropped over $8,000.

Perry took to Twitter to set the record straight on her whereabouts, telling her followers she was 3,000 away from Miami during the booty popping festivities.

“Ermm … I was in LA Saturday night … Should I be proud or offended I wasn’t invited @rihanna #WHOISTHISDOPPLEGANGER,” she tweeted.

Rihanna, being an amazing friend, promised to make it up to Perry by letting her in on some fun the next time she sees her. “I’ll still let you spank me!” she tweeted at the singer.

To check out some images from Rihanna’s wild night, head here.

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