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Warning: Graphic Pictures Of R. Prophet’s Injuries Surface Online



Pictures from R. Prophet’s April 20th arrest just surfaced, and let’s just say the pictures are rather disturbing.

The former Nappy Roots rapper was taken into custody in Kentucky Saturday night for disorderly conduct. According to reports, Prophet was waiting on the side of the road for his friend to pick him up when that friend was pulled over for suspicion of DUI. When asked by police to keep his distance while they detained his friend, the rapper allegedly refused.

According to Kentucky State Police, Prophet was aggressive, combative and resisted arrest, forcing them to tase him multiple times in an effort to take him to the ground. Once inside a police cruiser, he allegedly continued to be combative, and reportedly kicked out the back window.

The ex Nappy Roots rapper told TMZ that he felt like he was cooperative, and that he was tased for no reason. “I felt they were doing me like a slave.  I thought I was dead,” the rapper explained.

Prophet 1

Prophet 2

Prophet 3

Prophet 4

Prophet 5

Prophet 6

Prophet 7


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