Kim Kardashian’s Early A.M. Workout

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Kim Kardashian kicked off her Tuesday with an early morning work out session. The reality star was spotted outside the Tracy Anderson Gym in Los Angeles wearing a grey sweatshirt, black spandex pants and pair of black Nike.

Mother-to-be Kim Kardashian seen after a gym session at the Tracy Anderson gym in Los Angeles

The mom-to-be’s weight has been under the media spotlight since announcing that she’s pregnant with rapper Kanye West’s baby. The 32-year-old’s recent choice of pregnancy wardrobe and expanding figure have also landed her on the front of the tabloids.

Kim Fat 1

Kim k

Kim says that she’s learning to embrace her new curves, not loathe them. “I have the rest of my life to be skinny and to lose the weight,” she said on The Tonight Show back in March.

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