Family Feud: NeNe Leakes Gets into Twitter War with Half Sister

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Well looky here. On Part 2 of the RHOA Reunion, NeNe Leakes had harsh words for castmate Phaedra Parks for reaching out and trying to tape with her half sisters, and now we know why.

Leakes, it seems, is on the outs with her siblings and they are now threatening via Twitter to air her dirty laundry.

After Sundays reunion show, NeNe’s half sister Kenya Sherman took to twitter venting and writing:

it’s funny how @NeNeLeakes can make up with@Kimzolciak who bashed you on national television but can’t speak to your own nieces & nephews” 

“We are REAL SISTERS @NeNeLeakes NOT HALF!!!! TELL THE TRUTH #same mother.”

“@bravoandy @tmz @WendyWilliams If you ONLY knew the TRUTH to REALITY TV & the “queen” of #rhoa #SexLies&RealityTV”  

Kenya, who works as a hair stylist in New York, also explained via Twitter that she did tape with Phaedra and attended her son Aiden’s birthday party but it was cut from from the show.


But, Leakes isn’t letting Kenya talk ish and get away with it. Leakes took to twitter to let the world know that Kenya and her other siblings are jealous of her success and money, since she is after all “rich b*tch”.

“It’s strange 2 me how people want 2 ride off of your success! Everybody wants some shine but didnt work 4 it”

“The BIGGER u are, The BIGGER target u become”


  1. JRoc85

    April 22, 2013 at 9:22 AM

    NeNe was right the FIRST time!!! When you and a sibling only share one parent and NOT BOTH, that’s exactly what you are: a HALF sibling (a Biology class will teach you that)!!!! I find it interesting that ONLY this Kenya Sherman chick is talking, we have yet to hear from the other sisters (people always have something to say when money is involved)!!!! It still doesn’t erase the fact that Phaedra was willing to film with these heffas BEHIND NeNe’s back.

  2. Aleta schauls

    April 23, 2013 at 9:53 AM

    Love what u are doing stay doing u!

  3. Terri Owens

    July 5, 2013 at 5:15 PM

    Why is this an issue the whole “Half-Sister” thing?..i dont care if Nene’s mom had 50 kids..if they have different fathers’ they are HALF siblings…feelings and emotions dont change the truth..WHO CARES?…grown women should really grow-up…

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