Exclusive: T-Boz Talks Using Left-Eye Hologram For TLC Concert

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TLC just announced that they will be performing at Hershey, Pennsylvania’s VH1’s Mixtape Festival in July, but the big question is if the group will be bringing a Lisa “Left-Eye” Lopes hologram with them to the stage.

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In an exclusive interview with T-Boz back in January, the singer shared that the group was unsure if a digital projection of the late singer would ever be used during one of their concerts. “I’m not sure … I don’t know if I could stand next to her (Left Eye) like that”, T-Boz revealed.

Lopes was killed in a car crash in Honduras back in 2002 when she lost control of a vehicle she was driving. The singer was thrown from the car, and later died from injuries sustained during wreck.

“The money is not worth what I would go through pain wise, so that’s a big conversation we are having … It looks dope, but I don’t know honestly, we gonna have to see,” the 43-year-old explained.

Dr. Dre and Snoop Dogg made headlines at last year’s Coachella when they debuted a digital projection of late rap icon, Tupac Shakur. Check out the video below to see what T-Boz had to say about that, and rumors of replacing Lopes.

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