Exclusive: Suit Designer Says Kris Humphries Stiffed Him

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Kris Humphries is being sued for allegedly failing to follow through on an agreement he made with suit designer, Scott Hill.

Hill claims that Kim Kardashian’s estranged husband made a deal with him nearly two years ago, agreeing that if the Brooklyn Nets player introduced his business to two NBA friends, he would give him a 30% deal on clothes.

HipHollywood spoke exclusively with Mr. Hill, who tells us that Humphries did not hold up his end of the bargain. “The simple matter is that we hoped Kris would live up to his side of the agreement, but he chose not to appreciate that hard work my company put in,” the designer explained.

Hill, who is known for his custom-made tailored suits, claims to have sold more that $46,000 worth of goods to the basketball player with a discounted price.

“We gave Kris the opportunity to clear things up. For sometime, there’s been a difference of opinion on how things should be handled,” Hill explained. “Therefore, we had to take legal remedy.”

Hill, who filed the lawsuit a week ago, is suing Humphries for more that $52k in damages.

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