Did Gucci Mane Really Tell A Judge “B*tch, I Might Be Guilty”?

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While we admit that this would hilarious on so many levels if true, HipHollywood is sad report that Gucci Mane did not tell a judge, “B*tch, I might be,” when asked if he was guilty during a recent court hearing.

Gucci was arrested on Saturday for violating his parole, and shortly after, this picture went viral on Twitter, Instagram and Facebook showing the entertainer inside a courtroom. As you can see, the Fox 5 caption reads: “Rapper Gucci Mane responds with ‘B*tch, I might be’ when asked if guilty.”


The picture looks real, but HipHollywood has learned that unfortunately, it’s not. The line is actually a reference from Gucci’s song, “Pillz,” off his 2006 album, Hard To Kill. Still, we have to give credit to the creative genius that superimposed the text over the screen grab; the prank fooled a number of websites including BuzzFeed.

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