Did Game Really Leave A Waiter A $6,000 Tip?

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If there’s a rapper that waiters and waitresses should be lining up to serve, it’s Compton rapper, Game. That’s because the controversial artist is a big tipper who recently gave a waiter $6,000 … or did he?

“You aint sayin nothin’ unless you leaving the waiter a $6,000 tip !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I’m drunk and IDGAF!!!!!” Game tweeted after allegedly shelling out the dough.

That sounded like a wonderful story, but according to the waiter, aspiring actor Eme Ikuakor, Game is definitely exaggerating his generosity. Asked if the story was true on his Instagram account, he replied, “The Game is a chill guy, but didn’t leave $6,000. I will leave it at that.”

Eme goes on to say that the rapper was certainly generous when the bill came, and said he enjoyed serving his family, but reiterated reports of a $6,000 tip are off base.


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