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Justin Bieber Appears As A Hologram In New Music Video


on and Justin Bieber released the music video to their single, “#thatPower” early Friday morning.

The futuristic video not only shows dancing to incredible choreography, but Bieber is untouchable, literally.

The pop singer, who is featured on’s track, appears as a hologram dancing to the hook, while shows off his futuristic car. In fact, it appears to be the same car that the rapper was spotted in a few months ago while cruising down Melrose Ave. in Los Angeles. drives around Los Angeles in a futuristic car

In a recent interview with Entertainment Tonight, shared that this was probably the most time-consuming video that he’s ever been a part of. “I had to rehearse choreography, and I’ve always been against choreography for me,” the rapper admitted. “We have this real, next-level, futuristic type of choreography. It’s not dance, it’s like synchronized movement,” the artist added.

“#thatPower” is on’s album, #willpower, and is set to hit stores on April 23.

Check out the video below and tell us what you think: