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American Idol Recap: Who Was Sent Home?



It was another emotional night on American Idol after one of Mariah Carey’s favorite contestants was sent home.

After Wednesday nights performances, one could have guessed that Lazaro Arbos was going to be eliminated after the singer forgot his lyrics for the second time this season. But the singer received enough votes to put him through to next week. As, for Burnell Taylor, he wasn’t so lucky.

The 19-year-old Louisiana native muddled his way through his rendition of Bon Jovi’s, “You Give Love a Bad Name”, landing himself in the bottom two.

Taylor’s attempt to earn a save with India Arie’s “Ready For Love” was unsuccessful, and the judges decision to keep the Hurricane Katrina survivor in the competition was not unanimous. “I’m sorry, no … Good luck brother, we love you, we love you,” Randy told Burnell.

As Burnell was sent home packing, Mariah wore her emotions on her sleeve, and started to cry. This wasn’t the first time Carey cried over the 19-year-old. During auditions, Taylor’s voice moved Mariah to tears as well.

Idol is now down to their bottom six. Who will go home next?

Check out Burnell’s journey on the show below:

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1 Comment

1 Comment

  1. JimmyMackey

    April 5, 2013 at 1:09 PM

    Yes, Burnell didn’t have the best performance of his run on the show but it wasn’t as bad as Lazaro’s song. Still, he remains and we say goodbye to a great singer. Sometimes life just isn’t fair. I work late at my DISH office so I miss a lot of the Idol shows live. I don’t mind though because I can instantly skip commercials with my DISH Hopper DVR so easily and yet I save enough time watching commercial free I can get ready for work and watch at the same time. I get more TV in my life that way and I don’t get the results spoiled by someone at work.

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