Watch The Streets: Blue Ivy Spotted With Mama Beyonce In Brooklyn

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The world was treated to another rare sighting of little Blue Ivy Carter, spotted out and about in the streets of Brooklyn on Sunday.

The tycoon tyke was spotted in mama Beyoncé’s arms … even though she appeared to have grown about  3 feet since we last saw her in Beyoncé’s HBO documentary!

In pigtails, a camouflage jacket and daddy Jay’s trademarked Timberland boots, Blue Ivy looked well-equipped to be walking arm-in-arm with her mom down those Brooklyn streets!  (The two were on their way to a mommy-daughter brunch at Buttermilk Channel, a favorite spot of Beyoncé’s.)


One thing’s for sure…Blue Ivy gets her height from her dad!

In other Bey news – Beyoncé later Instagrammed a pic of herself – “ghost-riding the whip,”   in an NYC  taxicab.


Yeah, bow down.



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