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Too Short Arrested For DUI



Looks like Too Short just caught the same drunkenness illness that Bobby Brown and Kat Williams had.  Early this morning the veteran rapper was arrested on DUI charges…after allegedly running from the police!

According to TMZ, Too Short (real name Todd Anthony Shaw) was pulled over in Los Angeles for a minor traffic violation.  When officers approached the vehicle, they suspected that Short was under the influence.  However, it wasn’t until officers attempted to administer a breathalyzer test to Short, that things really took a turn into Crazytown – Short took off running… and tripped and fell.

Luckily for officers, they didn’t have that far to go to apprehend Short again, before putting him in the back of the police cruiser. (Sidenote: Can you still be charged with resisting arrest if you only got few steps away?)

Sadly, that’s not the end of the story.  According to reports, while en route to the station, Short then tried to dump narcotics in the back of the police cruiser!  He is currently being booked for DUI and felony narcotics possession.

To quote his own lyrics, “life is too short.”


While it was originally reported that Too Short was being booked for felony narcotics possession and DUI, Wednesday afternoon the rapper walked away with only the felony narcotics possession charge.




DMX Is Clean, Sober And Plans To Stay That Way!



It’s a new dawn, a new day … DMX is sober!

The rapper’s lengthy history with drug abuse has been well documented by his many arrest and sometimes bizarre behavior, but Dark Man X is putting all of that behind him.

X has been in a treatment facility since late August and has been doing really well. The rapper opted for rehab instead of house arrest in order to improve his chances of kicking his drug habit and it looks like it may have worked.

Sources tell TMZ, the program is almost complete, but x will probably stay another 30 days since he’s been responding so well. X has even been able to take day trips with a friend to a nearby town.

Congrats to DMX!

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