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Pat Houston Shoots Down Suicide Rumors



Pat Houston is shooting down erroneous media reports that she attempted to commit suicide.

The reality star, and sister-in-law to Whitney Houston, exclusively told Kevin Frazier of omg! Insider that she was simply resting after a back injury, and would never harm herself.  She elaborated:

 “I injured my back while working out with my daughter yesterday so I decided to take the day off and get some rest.”

As Houston told Frazier, she then turned off her phone, took some medication to help with her injury, and went to bed.  The situation was harmless enough in itself…until a Facebook post she had made earlier was misinterpreted as a suicide note.  When her longtime security guard could not reach her, the police were called on her behalf.  Houston said she awoke to find the police in her bedroom.

Throughout this whole misunderstanding, Houston’s primary concern has been the rumor’s effect on her family, particularly her teenage daughter, and niece, Bobbi Kristina.  As she stated:

“[Suicide] is never an option, and never would be an option for me.  I wouldn’t to that to my family, especially my daughter who means the world to me.”

She also expressed concern on the effect the rumors would have on the 40 young teenagers she is mentoring.

She set the record straight via a direct message on Twitter, when she said, “I’m very tired and need much needed rest, but not Rest in Peace.”


Review: ‘Kingsman: The Golden Circle’ Is Bigger & Better Than The First



If you liked Kingsman:The Secret Service, get ready for The Golden Circle. Hands downs this Kingsman is bigger, badder and better than the first.

Director Matthew Vaughn really takes it up a notch and gives fans much more action and fight sequences. Right off the top we see Eggsy (Taron Egerton) in this amazing car chase scene that will have you applauding as soon as the Prince track ends.

And while we’re talking music the film has an amazing sound track. And if you didnt know, Elton John is also in the film acting and singing some of his classic tunes.

What I also loved were the new editions.  Channing Tatum, Halle Berry, Jeff Bridges and Pedro Pascal who play the Statesmen – the American version of the Kingsman –  and the dynamic between the two is pretty comical. Vaughn really explores the difference between the two cultures – mannered men in suits versus macho men in jeans and cowboy boots.

Then there’s Julianne Moore who plays the villain, she’s like this maniacal Martha Stewart esque drug lord and she’s quite good at it.

Now there are some obnoxious moments (like that sex scene between Egerton and Poppy Delevigne).  But I think that’s the point. This franchise is all about turning the spy genre on it’s head and introducing the younger generation to a new type of Bond flick … And we think they are going to love it.

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