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Exclusive: Omarosa Calls Claudia Jordan A Sore Loser!



Reality TV star turned ordained minister, Omarosa Manigault, doesn’t seem to be phased by recent remarks made about her by her former friend and All-Star Celebrity Apprentice cast-mate, Claudia Jordan.

Omarosa tells HipHollywood she believes Claudia was just upset that she was sent home from the show, and adds that Claudia and Latoya Jackson, whom she is filing a lawsuit against, are “sore losers.”

“Both Claudia, Latoya, Bret Michaels, all of them felt victim to the fact that I’m just a better player,” she explained. “I’m smarter, I’m sharper and as a result they are very bitter and angry. It’s terrible to be a sore loser,” she added. “And all of those comments you notice, all those insults and comments and came after they lost and that’s just bad form.”

Claudia, who was kicked off Apprentice on March 24, recently told Wendy Williams that she saw another side of Omarosa while taping the reality TV show. “We were friends. I knew her outside of Apprentice so everyone would ask me, ‘Why are you friends with that girl? She’s rotten, she’s evil.’ I saw a different side of her.”

Wendy says that the two fell out after the funeral of actor Michael Clark Duncan, Omarosa’s fiancé. Claudia told Wendy that she wasn’t aware that Omarosa took issue with her posting a picture of the funeral on Instagram. “You know what’s funny about that, this is my first time hearing this,” said Jordan. For her to have an issue with me putting up a tribute to Michael Clarke Duncan who was my friend, this woman had a red carpet at her fiance’s funeral. I think that’s a little bit more despicable. She was doing press at the funeral. How upset were you?”

Omarosa, who is still competing on Apprentice, says she didn’t see Jordan on The Wendy Williams Show, but is hoping people will tune in on Tuesday, April 2 for her episode of Oprah’s Where Are They Now.

Check out a clip from the show below, and be sure to check back Monday for our full interview with Omarosa regarding her call to ministry and how it’s helped her grieve the loss of her fiancé Michael Clark Duncan.

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