Christian Keyes And Kyla Pratt Dish On ‘Let’s Stay Together’ Season 3

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BET’s Let’s Stay Together is back and stronger than ever. HipHollywood caught up with cast-mates Christian Keyes and Kyla Pratt who both shared that this will be a season to remember.

“Just the writing, and the development of the characters, and the fun. Everybody’s found their lane. I believe it’s going to be the best and most well received season yet,” Christian explained.

Kyla Pratt, who ends up in a secret relationship with a gay man, raved to HH, “I love everybody’s story line. We have such great actors on the show,” Pratt expressed.

Season Two left off with a cliffhanger finale, so to pick up right where last season left off, be sure to tune in for the premiere tonight on BET.

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