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Mariah Carey: I Fire My Nannies All The Time!

Published On February 12, 2014 | By Ashley Williams | MUSIC, NEWS

There are two things we now know about Mariah Carey: 1. She won’t be celebrating Valentines Day with her husband, Nick Cannon and 2. She fires nannies all the time.

Mariah Carey stopped by New York’s The Breakfast Club on Wednesday morning and when asked about her Valentines Day plans, she joked that she has no idea where her hubby is going to be. “He’s not even going to be at home from what I hear,” she said. Carey quickly corrected her comment, suggesting the he will be out of town for All Star Weekend. “The schedule, the schedule,” she said.

But while they may not be spending time together this year, the singer revealed that she and Cannon celebrate their April 30 anniversary every month. “Nick is very festive,” she said.

During the fun interview, Mariah also admitted that she lets go of her nannies left and right. “I have to have nannies,” she said while discussing her twins Moroccan and Monroe. “But I am very hands on. I fire nannies like this,” Carey explained while snapping her fingers. “But I have to because if they try to make themselves more important in the babies minds than me … I just brought a girl back with me from Puerto Rico.”

Check out the hilarious video below:

  • CCIFan

    Pariah Carey, just another horrible person that needs to get off the planet

  • R.D. Bone

    what a fu-king pig skankkk that POS is-”brought a girl back from puerto Rico”??-that poor girl is in for serious trouble-who says that kind of crappp anyway-and you suck MeMe your the the fake poser loser photoshop queen that is a total studio fraud-how many people have to tell you to put your clothes on -gag-the world was saying that before you even got pregnant-you have been hideous and fat for years now and no one cares about your photoshopped selfies-lighting crew and a neglige to a radio interview?? obviously high on pills and booze-and your kids think the nannies over you because that is who takes care of them even with you constantly firing them they still have better relationships with your kids than you do and you constant firing has already screwed up your kids-but hey the hospital staff called CPS on you when you had thenm because your child abuse on them started in the womb-what a skankk

  • lovely

    She’s horrible. And I’m sure she is a terror boss.

  • JoanCrawford1

    So glad the truth about Mariah is coming out. She truly is the modern day Mommie Dearest! Why is she still talking about her pregnancy???!!? Why does she feel she is the only woman that has suffered through having twins!? Get a life. Also, I am hoping no one will work as a nanny for her after seeing this. Mariah is a monster.

    • Angela Cheng Facts

      At least all her kids are from one man! Madonna’s revolving door vag and her 5 different fathers aren’t much to brag about you slithering, revolting madonna scum!

      • LoveTheWayILie

        Revolving Door Vag :rip: I must steal that xD

      • JoanCrawford1

        First off. Mariah had to be inseminated with sperm in order to have them babies. Did not happen the natural way. Madonna has proven to be a great mom with kids that are well rounded and gorgeous. Mariah has two retarded looking kids. ONe has eyes on both sides of his head and the other is cross-eyesd.

        • Angela Cheng Facts

          Rocco looks like a female Lorde. Those eyes are farther apart than Madonna and the top of the Hot 100.

  • southwestgagirl

    The nannies are their part of their jobs to see after the children and care for them and if Mariah feels different about it, then she needs to stop hiring them. She needs to get a grip of herself.

  • Layla13

    Go back on your Lithium, her kids do appear developmentally delayed probably due to trying to use her own eggs with IVF at her age, she is insufferable, photographed for years in and out of fertility clinics and then said oh, I got pregnant naturally with twins at 40+ I just did some yoga-maybe after the IVF you did.