Did Blake Griffin “Smack The Sh*t” Out Of Justin Bieber?

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Did Justin Bieber get slapped up by Los Angeles Clippers star, Blake Griffin? That’s a rumor going around on the Internet thanks to a blog called, Empire Sports. The incident allegedly went down inside a Starbucks where the shirtless Canadian pop star refused to put on a shirt.

“He came in with no shirt on and his pants hanging down and underwear showing and tried to order a Caramel Apple Machiatto,” Joey Goldsmith, the Starbucks barista said. “I just told him he would have to put a shirt on if he wanted to order.”

Bieber reportedly started cursing at the barista and threatened to have his bodyguard kick his “a**.” That’s when Blake intervened and reportedly “smacked the sh*t” out of JB. “I saw Justin stumble out of the door looking like he was crying,” added the barista.

Justin’s camp has already denied the report, but Los Angeles Lakers center Chris Kaman didn’t help the matter when he tweeted:

“I was sitting in the corner of Starbucks and Blake did not smack Bieber! Well at least not that hard.”

Kaman later admitted he was joking, but deep down inside, we wish this story was true.

  • Ronman

    Wow! Horrible writing and elementary school grammar mistakes. I think the writer should be smacked around a little! I really like how the first sentence is a question with no question mark. It’s one of these thingys: ?

    • Brandon Bivins


      • Please embrace a little therapy and the possibility that the article has been edited. Thank you.

        • Chase Gray

          junior miles said EVERYbody shut the f**k up!!

          • Anonymous

            It’s enjoying how all of you people are totally getting off subject of the article, and arguing about grammar when neither of you know the first thing about it. You sir, need to refrain from hostility and relax.

      • Ronman

        Yes it is. Very astute! After my comment the article was edited. Too bad they posted it originally with several glaring mistakes of an elementary school type. Now go back to mama’s basement and watch some porn Bivins.

        • surreyman

          You need a comma between the last two words of your post.

          You’re welcome.

    • me

      Ronman you are a dumbass. You call someone out for grammar but yet you can’t spell the word things. Lol

      • Ronman

        LOL! I can spell the word things just fine. But I used the word “thingys” to describe the question mark. You idiot.

  • Old Dirty Bizza Baby Yeezus

    It would be great if someone smacked him. Kid does not get that the world doesn’t revolve around him just b/c the teenage girls of this world drool when they see him. I don’t drool, and if his bodyguards are nothing but attack dogs, the little jerk should be responsible when they push and shove people out of the way so that this little wanna-be street thug can move through crowds unimpeded.

  • Bill Harbaugh

    someone needs to turn him over their knee and smack the hello out of him!

  • Rob Barton

    Can’t believe how feminine “he” looks.

  • Dan

    You know how you teach that dumbass a lesson? Ignore the shit out of him and stop buying any of his merchandise.

    When his record sales flop, and all that other girly/glittery superfluous shit he peddles goes bust. He’ll be grinding a 9 to 5 like the rest of us.

    • Murch

      or we can just send his ass back to Canada.

      • XiC

        Sorry, no refund on used merchandise :[.

      • Jackie

        Or Azkaban either works really

        • Oh please, even Bellatrix doesn’t deserve that…

    • Young n Gettin it

      We’ll that’s not going to happen. As long as he’s got his 15 year old fans screaming his name whenever his face pops up. He’ll continue to make millions. There’s nothing we can do.

  • I am very upset that this rumor is not true. Lol

    • Philipp Onassis

      we all are 🙁

  • rinabina

    I just want to know which Starbucks this is, apparently all the celbs go there lol

  • rinabina

    I just want to know which Starbucks this is. Apparently all the celebs go there aha

    • The Authority

      uh? the one in WeHo?

  • Ray

    If anyone sees me in starbucks, I hope they’d smack me. Cheaper, better coffee can be found elsewhere.

    • Ray

      This is definitely a RWJ comment.

  • me

    Bieber needs a time out, big time. Spoiled Brat.

  • justin beaver

    Blake should not be hitting girls.