Photo: Tamar Braxton Posts Cute New Pic Of Baby Logan

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Adorable. Tamar Braxton took to Instagram Tuesday night to show off a new photo of baby, Logan Vincent Herbert.

“Mommy &Daddy’s big boy #Logan,” Tamar wrote on the social media website.

Logan Vincent

In a recent interview with GMA, Braxton shared that when her son was born, she had a hard time connecting with him.

“I was questioning my motherhood. Like, ‘Is this a mistake that God made?’ Or like, ‘Is this something that I need to hand over to my husband?’ Because he and the baby connected instantly. And I wanted that. And I guess I was a little jealous,” the singer revealed.

But the 36-year-old shared that she felt connected when Logan latched on to breast feed. “When he finally latched on I felt like he got me and I got him and this was all meant to be,” she said. “I am very happy. I feel complete. He is the best thing that has ever happened to me,” she added.

Tamar’s album, Love and War is set to drop September 3.

  • Rasheda Clarke

    Cut to fit

  • Bella

    Awwww — the baby is a very cute baby!! Hey Tamar? I love you girl but please cut it out! stop saying you didnt instantly connect with your baby! It’s YOUR baby — how the heck did you not instantly connect with him? He came out of your belly!

    • Shanee

      Honey don’t criticize her for saying that. Some mothers do go through that, it’s called baby blues. She’s being honest which can help another woman whose situation is much worse

      • rick brown

        TAMAR baby is gorgeous but I just really think she over top she wants to be liked so bad you can not get everyone to like you and why are so obsessed with BEYONCE ? I seen a photo on line with you doing a video with a jean jumper on with lollypop in your mouth I think the video was the one .Then I seen a video from a BLOGGER site which had a link that was a Beyoncé Video Soldiers where she had a jean jumper on with a lollypop in her mouth you just seem like you don’t have your own Ideas please Stop you will not make it everyone is seeing that YOUR husband is getting U to copy Beyoncé maybe he has a Crush on her or Vince wants to be Jay-Z YOU GUYS ARE NUTS………………………

        • sweetpeaches

          I CONCUR!!!! she really needs her own idenity…. and it’s just something bout Vince when it comes to pushing her career…he seems like he really don’t wannan do it…

    • Detroit’s Chi Chi

      Some people don’t connect, it could have be postpartum who knows. I’m a mother of two and having the1st one natural I instantly connected and having the 2nd child c-section it was hard, because you’re looking for that feeling and sometimes it’s not there. I’m happy she’s talking about it not many women can pull themselves out of the feeling so quick after the birth.

      • vfocused

        She said on an interview that is was not postpartum. Her baby would not breast feed initially. Hate to say and I may be wrong but at first when I heard Tamar felt this way I was thinking that she expected her baby to look like her. That baby is Vince all day, maybe later some of Tamar will be seen but I have looked and looked and cannot see none of Tamar in the face. Maybe he has her hair, but since I have not seen Tamars real hair dont know. lol Anyway he is a doll. He is very very cute! Tamar comes off real shallow and conceited that is why I felt that she wanted a mini me. She did say on the show she wanted a girl to dress up and take shopping. Well Im sure she will still do the same for this baby. I read the previous comments about Vincent Herbert being unattracted and I dont believe that is the case. Since he had been ill he said he was working on his weight and getting healthy , so I think after a while we will start to see a new Vincent that will look better and better. No shade for him now bcus we all could stand to lose a few at times. His success makes him fine~! Tamar how can you have something so precious and be on social media beefing with another artist? FYI, beefing is not a good look. Anyway congratulations to Tamar and Vince on a cute bundle!

  • bree

    …not cute…looks like vince unfortunately

    • Nikkie

      You are soooooo ugly for that comment ……you may have a not so cute baby one day and comment when that time comes ! As for Tamar’s’ baby he’s a cute and chunky baby and as for her husband Vincent he’s a nice looking big guy ………and do you even have a man!?!?……………. Not!

      • bree

        im married and we don’t want children…#whatarewetalkingaboutagain

        • cool c

          That’s why yall will not have a baby because the way you look an act…that baby is cute ur just young an dum an unbless that’s why yall don’t have kids…..oh an yes 26 is young! but damm it don’t have to be dumm!!!

          • Camisha Nsiah


    • Anglys31

      Bree…may God be with you…what an ugly thing someone with an ugly soul would say…horrible…what goes around comes around…an ugly inside makes you super unattractive…..shame on you….

      • bree

        thanks so much for your blessing. may God bless you too! #praiseGod

    • Anglys31

      P.S. Vince is actually attractive in many ways…but that’s grown woman talk…I’m sure you are representing the immature crowd ( comment not intended for young mature ladies) only ones like this one who needs to put others down to make themselves feel better…well guess what…your inside is still ugly…go read a book or something..throwing darts are not your forte dear. Love & Happiness to Ms. Tamar, Logan & Vince Herbert

      • bree

        …im 26…not young to most people. and i have the right to think someone is unattractive…#justsaying

        • Jasmine

          You’re obviously jealous!!!

        • angel

          26 is young!! SMH….Thank God you don’t have any children.

        • giovanni

          yes you do have that right, but your talking about a child. not cool at all Ms. Lady

    • Camisha Nsiah

      It’s just sad that you would even go there. But from the looks of it Vince has a beautiful soul which is more important then looks. Too bad your crowd wouldn’t understand that as yet but in due time you will.

    • giovanni

      This baby is a gift from GOD. Why would you open your trap and say some shit like that? #LOGANISTOOCUTE

  • Michelle

    He is a cutie!

  • Tammy Honey Joseph-Mcdaniel

    HE IS SOOOOO CUTIE !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • hayesbyrd

    Tamar and Vince are a true love story with all the laughs, disagreements and bonding. They compliment each other and the blessing of their son was right on time on so many levels. Congratulations Herberts!

    • giovanni

      yes! I LOVE this couple, they are so real

  • Kristen

    So cute.

  • Jazzy

    Baby Vince – he is SoooooooooCute!!! God bless – Congratulation.

  • mo

    The baby is very cute. He do look like Vince. This for Ray. I was watching your show and didn’t like how your father disrespected Vince.Sorry Me Braxton you are not the only man im her . Vince is the main man besides for God.

  • cresha

    He is so cute…that bitch ignorant for saying the baby not cute bitch what do you look like…so if vince not attractive but he a good man i bet you dnt got a man…

  • Star

    omg shes so cute when she was a baby

    • Camisha Nsiah

      huh? that’s her son pic honey.

  • Faith

    OMG HE IS BEAUTIFUL!!!! People are so mean and rude!!! God made all of us and everything that he made was Good… Is Good and looks Good!!! I’m pretty sure Vince could care less what anyone says about him..

  • Faith

    If I had Vince and Tamar’s money… WORDS CANT BRING ME DOWN!!!! Love you!!! Tamar and Vince!!!



    • t.t

      Your baby is adorable don’t worry about what jealous people are talking about

  • giovanni

    Congrats!!! Logan is so cute. God Bless

    • t.t

      You got that right



    • Lisa

      Don’t you EVER judge a baby. And you might be UGLY too!

      • t.t

        Tell them

        • angorae

          I think it’s pitiful to make comments on a baby. God created him and made no mistake: I think he is gorgeous. My God,, someI people could be so wretched and furthermore beauty is in the eyes of the beholder and not in the wicked thoughts of those that is filled with unkind words!

    • Kizzie Price

      U lame af for saying that this baby is handsome bish u must be ugly

      • Lisa

        Who you talking @kizzieprice:disqus?

        • Lisa

          Shut the fuck up @kizzieprice:disqus! The damn baby is handsome so take a seat bitch!

          • t.t

            You better get them

      • t.t

        You must be ugly that baby is gorgeous

    • t.t

      Stop flodging the baby is cute
      Stop hating


    Your right she talks like her baby is really cute. He is not that cute I have seen cute babys and this is not one! RN for women and baby unit 10 years & this baby is not that cute!!

    • Lisa

      The baby is ADORABLE! Now, post a pic of ur baby and let’s see how UGLY ur baby is. #Catchthatboo!

      • Jianna

        That is her opinion and she has the right to say what she feels cause honestly I dont think the baby is cute either but thats me, we dont all have the same opinion and what if she dont have a baby, huh then lets see how UGLY YOUR baby is

      • t.t

        You got that right

    • Kizzie Price

      Lmao u lame I bet u ugly for calling a baby ugly gd don’t like ugly

      • Jianna

        Your lame for posting this but then posting that the baby IS uglu like 3 comments down. don’t play bish

    • Jianna

      I know thats right

  • HellBoy

    He kinda looks like North in this pic

  • nae


  • WWWWhhaat


  • ellen

    I don’t think that her son is ugly he is handsome but i find it very ironic how on her show she was saying how some ppl have babies that looked ugly and said she knew her baby would be cute yet there are ppl in these comments calling her baby ugly smh