Nicki Minaj Clutches Bares Boobs In Instagram Shot

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There’s really no story here, so if you’re looking for an article you should just return to the homepage. Some entries, like this one of Nicki Minaj clutching her bare breasts, just don’t need a lot of explaining.

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On Wednesday night, Minaj posted the above image on Instagram showing her topless self in what appears to be a dressing room. The hip-hop beauty, known for her curvy figure, rocks a blonde wig in the snap with pink lipstick, but let’s be honest … no one is looking at anything but what her hands are covering.

  • http://facebook Banner Boyd

    I often wonder what it would be like to be married to you Onkwia my island queen.perhaps just a dream see All I can do is watch your success and hope for your happiness .for me I am just a simple man with simple dreams .but how does a fan be come a lover in this crazy world?I wish you could tell me in your words.

  • Nicki_sucks

    Cough, whore, cough.

    • William Perez

      bet you either have no tits or get no tits

  • Hope_She_Blows

    id still tap it

  • Gross

    Ugh ghetto bitch. She’s just gross. Not even slightly attractive.