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The Oscars are Sunday night and Denzel Washington is among those in the running for the Best Actor award for his role as an alcoholic pilot in Flight.

HipHollywood recently caught up with Washington who revealed some of the preparation that went into his Oscar-nominated performance. “I got into these flight simulators to try and learn how to fly the planes but I also spent a lot of time with pilots,” he explained.

The celebrated actor also revealed what he learned about pilots helping other pilots battling addictions, saying, “What I dug about talking to some of these guys is that they don’t shun [the other pilots], they put them in programs, they circle around them and they want to keep them.”

We’ll have to wait until Sunday to see if Denzel’s hard work paid off, but win or lose, Denzel is excited to be nominated. He shared with us his excitement about the possibility of being nominated during the film’s junket. Check it out!


Exclusive: ‘The Oath’s Cory Hardrict, Kwame Patterson Recall Being Harassed By Cops



If you want to take an emotional, entertaining and dangerous ride through the corrupt land of law enforcement, then we suggest you tune in for The Oath.  

Delivering a unique perspective on what it means to wear the color blue, the show follows a group of police officers and their lives with badges on and off.

“With being a cop in the workforce, especially being an African American cop, when we step out there, we always want to do the right thing,” Cory Hardrict told HipHollywood. “The crazy thing about this show is we have another life as well outside of the cop world where things aren’t so perfect.”

Cory, who is expecting a baby girl very soon with his wife, Tia Mowry, continued, “When the badge comes off and we have on regular civilian clothes, we get treated like every African American harassed person out here in the world.”

Although this is just a television show, the narrative is not exactly a far cry from reality, a reality Cory Hardrict and Kwame Patterson personally know all too well. “I had one incident where he [the officer] took his blade and went to the back seat cut the back seat and sliced it … but you can’t do anything.”

Patterson added, “I’m from Baltimore, so Baltimore is one of the most corrupt police cities in the United States. So I’ve definitely dealt with police brutality, discrimination … it’s always my word against theirs.”

The new show, produced by 50 Cent, is now streaming on Crackle.

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